✨ Wish list

New integrations and features are being planned and built from this wish list.
We will look at the number of votes an idea have and prioritize based on that.
When you vote, you will get automatic emails to keep up to date about the progress 😎

  • Sponsors/partners will be able to edit their company profile in the app.

  • We are looking into this if possible with our current technology.

  • Sign up

    I'd love a simple sign up option please. ...

  • Allow the sending of notifications when someone posts on the social wall....

  • To be able to schedule auto approve feature to turn off/on on specific times.

  • API for getting polls with each user's vote

  • Digital Signage

    It would be great to add Digital Signage support in Eventee. It can be displayed in front of conference rooms and inside rooms (during breaks). ...

  • Many events consist of multiple locations with their own address. In example would be of an event that takes place in a Downtown of a city like a...

  • Be able for Eventee to redeem any code for attendees. This way we can sell event codes for example via Woocommerce or even Whatsapp, and attendees can...